Pass health screening check in seconds!

Keep vaccination certificates, screening form links, and IDs in a single place.

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Single App manages all

Keep your ID card, essential documents and vaccination certificates in a safe and secure place, and verify the authenticity of the documents via a QR code.

Intuitive design

Documents can be viewed as slide show, You will find it easier than ever to access everything, and results can be second to none every time.

Multiple profiles

You can also manage you family members certificates, IDs and documents. This way, you can always have them handy and ready for everyone.


Pass health screening check in seconds

This productivity app is designed as a tool to use if you want to pass any health check and screening right away. It makes it easy for you to complete and keep any screening form, ID and proof of being eligible to enter a place in a single place. You can organize your IDs and certificates, and you also have a link to every health check form.

"This app really helps me saving time when entering restaurants, gyms and community centers. It only takes a few seconds to finish the screening check now, compare to a few minutes without using this app."

  • - Kimberly Patterson, Vancouver, BC Canada

Advanced URL manager

What makes this document organizer app stand out is the capability of managing the URLs. Use this app to scan the website’s QR link to open the website. It remembers where the URL originally was scanned and when you open your profile in the app, the first item will always be the website that is the closest to your current location.

"All ice arenas require visitors to complete the health screening form, thanks to this app, I no longer need to scan the screening check form link QR every time I visit the arenas. This app keeps all links I scanned, I can open these forms in this app, save big time!"

  • - Matthew Walker, Toronto, ON Canada

An essential app for everyone

QR, ID and URL Organizer makes it easy to save time and have all your essential documents ready to use whenever you need them


Easy access

Manage your URLs, certificates, membership cards, documents, and IDs with ease.

Multiple profiles

Create different profiles for different purposes or family members.

No wallet

No need to carry these plastic ID cards, membership cards or paper documents with you.

Stored on device

All documents are securely stored on the device / offline, they never leave your device.

Download now

Download QR, ID and URL Organizer today and organize your ID, certifications, and documents in no time!

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